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US-567526-A: Ice-velocipede patent, US-567666-A: Thirds to john w patent, US-570001-A: Smoke-consumer patent, US-574172-A: ronitz patent, US-575290-A: adams patent, US-580221-A: Edging-machine patent, US-580641-A: ermold patent, US-580915-A: Fishing patent, US-581524-A: smith patent, US-582757-A: Means for aerial flight patent, US-584737-A: gould patent, US-585340-A: Car-fender patent, US-585803-A: Generator patent, US-587561-A: Musical instrument patent, US-589947-A: Hans jensen patent, US-592567-A: Figure toy patent, US-596912-A: Cultivator patent, US-604637-A: Fastener patent, US-605142-A: Pipe-hanger and shield for bicycle-riders patent, US-607325-A: Separable frame for bicycles patent, US-60986-A: Maetin zieglee patent, US-610458-A: Administratrix of george patent, US-6107732-A: Inhibiting edge emission for an addressable field emission thin film flat cathode display patent, US-614715-A: Half to william thomas gast patent, US-615854-A: Ironing-machine patent, US-616914-A: Gas-vending machine patent, US-618999-A: Henry taylor sayer patent, US-621479-A: Step-ladder patent, US-623331-A: Island patent, US-624068-A: Acetylene-ga patent, US-624257-A: Check-book balance-slip patent, US-625506-A: Flood gate patent, US-628968-A: Electric locomotion. patent, US-631214-A: Apparatus for drying bricks, &c. patent, US-631242-A: Warp stop-motion for looms. patent, US-632162-A: Enameled leather. patent, US-632826-A: Wave-motor. patent, US-633096-A: Oscillating bearing. patent, US-633999-A: Covering for ash-carts or other vehicles. patent, US-636129-A: Boiler-tube cleaner. patent, US-637056-A: Chain-sprocket. patent, US-639857-A: Reading-stand. patent, US-641335-A: Galvanic bandage. patent, US-646052-A: Acetylene-gas lamp. patent, US-647765-A: Screw-jack. patent, US-649231-A: Horseshoe. patent, US-650731-A: Strainer. patent, US-652339-A: Grinding and polishing attachment for sewing-machines. patent, US-652572-A: Winding-machine. patent, US-653220-A: Garter. patent, US-660653-A: Barrel-bung. patent, US-662389-A: Cigarette-mouthpiece-applying machine. patent, US-662441-A: Filling-supply loom. patent, US-663031-A: Operating mechanism for car-doors. patent, US-3430171-A: Electromechanical frequency responsive translating device patent, US-3465080-A: Therapeutic compositions containing morpholinoalkylene - indoles and methods of administering such in the treatment of depression patent, US-3478045-A: Production of 5-mercapto-1,2,4-thiodiazole derivatives patent, US-3575518-A: Tool probe patent, US-3626326-A: Time-variable reflectivity laser actuating circuit patent, US-3642596-A: Process for preparing organochlorosilanes patent, US-3678490-A: Master cylinder low fluid indicator patent, US-3709053-A: Multi-speed transmission front gear mechanism for a bicycle patent, US-3774921-A: Mechanical variable torque chuck patent, US-3795313-A: Chromatographic packing with chemically bonded organic stationary phases patent, US-3828170-A: Comfort level measuring device patent, US-3940713-A: Stimulated Brillouin scattered (SBS) tuned laser patent, US-3964114-A: Molding apparatus patent, US-3992689-A: Permanent magnet patent, US-4069122-A: Molecular-weight reduction of nitrocellulose by electron beam radiation patent, US-4078438-A: Power transmission unit patent, US-4079589-A: Electro-thermal actuator with valved boiler configuration patent, US-4082012-A: Transmission and control with centrifugal dump valve patent, US-4154662-A: Process and apparatus for the electrolytic production of hydrogen patent, US-4285127-A: Apparatus for trimming plants patent, US-4293716-A: Process for preparing alkyldimethylamines patent, US-4297741-A: Rate sensing instantaneous trip mode network patent, US-4362979-A: Stepping motor control circuit patent, US-4392015-A: Condenser-type electrical bushing with central electrode aligning wedging blocks patent, US-4480320-A: Compact ROM with reduced access time patent, US-4497980-A: Handsfree circuit for telephone instrument patent, US-4663582-A: Self-excited generator patent, US-4698569-A: Apparatus for locating a carrier at a desired position patent, US-4734569-A: IC card patent, US-4736320-A: Computer language structure for process control applications, and translator therefor patent, US-4892749-A: Method of manufacturing a reduced calorie sausage containing cooked rice patent, US-4912214-A: Isothiazolyl beta-lactam antibacterial agents patent, US-5349369-A: Image interpolation circuit patent, US-5698004-A: Method and packaging utilizing calcium cyanamide for soil treatment patent, US-5767517-A: Hybrid resampling method for fan beam spect patent, US-5808105-A: 4-phenoxycoumarins as herbicidal agents patent, US-5836794-A: Retractable trolling motor housing for boat patent, US-5859666-A: Digital still video camera patent, US-5880635-A: Apparatus for optimizing the performance of a power amplifier patent, US-5889581-A: Illuminating light source apparatus for photographic printer patent, US-6013537-A: Method of semiconductor wafer testing patent, US-6027745-A: Process for producing controlled drug-release contact lens, and controlled drug-release contact lens thereby produced patent, US-6032367-A: Cutting device patent, US-6120333-A: Electric connector with terminal retaining means patent, US-6475249-B1: Method for manufacturing membrane electrode assembly of fuel cell patent, US-6596993-B1: Method of automatically correcting magnification and non-linearity of scanning electron microscope patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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