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US-3466415-A: Apparatus for dielectric heating patent, US-3481565-A: Aircraft arresting gear patent, US-3486127-A: Instrumentation circuit with d-c amplifier having temperature stabilization patent, US-3513446-A: Data processing system wherein the instruction word contains plural data word addresses patent, US-3518712-A: Floor polisher with motor mounted on a pivoted handle patent, US-3524100-A: Dual-voltage automatic-switching electric lamp having a two-position thermal switch disposed within the envelope patent, US-3541597-A: Plate stacking apparatus patent, US-3571836-A: Boat docking device patent, US-3571858-A: Flat spring dental compress patent, US-3589264-A: Photographic processor having movement responsive rotation control patent, US-3591724-A: A load sensitive switching network system patent, US-3593534-A: Method of and apparatus for heat exchange between gas streams patent, US-3661258-A: Ultraviolet light label monitoring system patent, US-3662345-A: Matrix signal switching device patent, US-3680169-A: Toothbrush patent, US-3696301-A: Tuning indicating apparatus for fm receiver patent, US-3720790-A: Data transmitting system patent, US-3730234-A: Terminal pin straightening machine patent, US-3732018-A: Lettering pen support bracket for bow pen shank patent, US-3732570-A: Remote radio winch control unit patent, US-3770439-A: Polymeric mordant in color diffusion transfer image receiving layer patent, US-3783880-A: Method for aiding formation of bone forming material patent, US-3802072-A: Electric safety razor patent, US-3809507-A: Nonpulsating fluid-flow pump patent, US-3818767-A: Passive dual-spin misalignment compensators patent, US-3854715-A: Cam patent, US-3855701-A: Orthodontic appliance patent, US-3863979-A: Automobile sliding roof with canopy frame patent, US-3870718-A: 2-imidazolidine substituted quinoxaline-1,4-dioxides and intermediates therefor patent, US-3886486-A: Oscillator circuit for generating an output signal having successive cycles which unidirectionally vary in frequency patent, US-3895492-A: Power plant patent, US-3910732-A: Gerotor pump or motor patent, US-3957995-A: Pharmaceutical composition comprising vincamine and theophylline patent, US-3959302-A: Process for the splitting of the racemate of d-1-phenylpropanolamine patent, US-4009716-A: Needle-hub assembly for syringes patent, US-4011690-A: Pipe cleaning apparatus patent, US-4034578-A: Tights patent, US-4038043-A: Gasoline additive compositions comprising a combination of monoamine and polyamine mannich bases patent, US-4061255-A: Drip controlling spout patent, US-4080796-A: Bottom-supported vessel for performing subaqueous operations and method of placing a bottom-supported vessel in position for performing subaqueous operations patent, US-4143434-A: Folding cot patent, US-4174156-A: Optical lens for differential correction patent, US-4208853-A: Cut-off mechanism for wrapping machines patent, US-4223231-A: Liquid level monitor apparatus patent, US-4234956-A: Digital relay systems patent, US-4265990-A: Imaging system with a diamine charge transport material in a polycarbonate resin patent, US-4287641-A: Self-closing hinge patent, US-4323905-A: Ink droplet sensing means patent, US-4346045-A: Process for resolving DL-S-benzoyl-β-mercaptoisobutyric acid, and products obtained patent, US-4408392-A: Electric shaver patent, US-4507473-A: Process for the continuous granulation of carboxymethyl cellulose patent, US-4528291-A: 2-(4'-Pyridinyl)-thiazole compounds and their use in increasing cardiac contractility patent, US-4536639-A: Regulating surface treatment by laser beam patent, US-4617061-A: Mixed phases having the composition Bi2-x Crx O3 patent, US-4641826-A: Machine designed to lift a flexible, flat workpiece off a support surface patent, US-4658581-A: Exhaust tube for vehicle patent, US-4669339-A: Reversible wrench having instantaneously gripping friction drive patent, US-4671777-A: Method of manufacturing a dispenser cathode and the use of the method patent, US-4679332-A: Sensor device for a machine for measuring conductive parts mounted on a measurement table patent, US-4709422-A: Snap action hinged support for a collapsible top hat patent, US-4716208-A: Fluorine-containing copolymers patent, US-4759675-A: Chip selection in automatic assembly of integrated circuit patent, US-4805997-A: Gradient refractive index type anamorphic planar microlens and method of producing the same patent, US-4838826-A: Toy telephones and cords for toy telephones patent, US-4850577-A: Melting and holding furnace patent, US-4857554-A: Method for the treatment of psoriasis patent, US-4893149-A: Photographic printing apparatus patent, US-4950890-A: Method and apparatus for correcting position errors using writable encoders patent, US-5045732-A: Polygon circuit patent, US-5183044-A: Noncontact type tonometer patent, US-5210236-A: Differential amplifier patent, US-5310465-A: Electrodialytic oxydation-reduction of metals patent, US-5313668-A: Protective liner for hat patent, US-5340970-A: Article checkout system with security parameter override capacity patent, US-5598283-A: Short circuit line having a conductive extension between groups of terminals in a liquid crystal display device patent, US-5604087-A: Process for the production of silver halide emulsions patent, US-5692908-A: Apparatus for electrically connecting two electrical connecting conductors to an electrical device patent, US-5727831-A: Concrete shovel and mesh lifter hook combination patent, US-5752652-A: Envelope, an envelope blank, and a method of forming an envelope blank patent, US-5795081-A: Line printer patent, US-5936784-A: Magnifying device patent, US-5939573-A: Process for preparing di (polycyclic amino) dialkoxysilane patent, US-5959859-A: Plant monitoring/controlling apparatus patent, US-5967003-A: Ratchet screw driver patent, US-5995993-A: Serial in-circuit emulator patent, US-6012324-A: Method for measuring gas content and a gas content measuring device patent, US-6103760-A: Aminotetralin derivative for the therapy of cardiovascular diseases patent, US-6158035-A: Serial data input/output method and apparatus patent, US-6183599-B1: Process for manufacturing soft-single ply tissue having very low sidedness patent, US-6189619-B1: Sliding sleeve assembly for subsurface flow control patent, US-6322137-B1: Folding roof for a vehicle patent, US-6334611-B1: Paper discharging apparatus for printer patent, US-5847094-A: UBCH7-like ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme patent, US-6399554-B1: Cleaning composition for removing adhesives patent, US-6405787-B2: Method for winding rapidly quenched thin ribbon, apparatus for producing rapidly quenched thin ribbon, and rapidly quenched thin ribbon coil patent, US-6417929-B1: Optical measurement of lithographic power bias of minimum features patent, US-6442363-B2: Liquid electrophotographic printing apparatus and method wherein liquid carrier absorption and discharge between rollers and photosensitive medium can reach equilibruim patent, US-6590514-B2: D/A converter circuit patent, US-6629122-B1: Information processing system and method for communications between application systems patent, US-6629779-B1: Linear displacement guide patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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