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US-3436699-A: Magnetic pulse switch actuator patent, US-3442137-A: Method and means for sampling pulverulent material patent, US-3457603-A: Trigger release safety belt buckle apparatus patent, US-3466687-A: Power driven pencil and ink eraser patent, US-3469543-A: Shelf construction patent, US-3490649-A: Inflating device for life preservers patent, US-3537792-A: Transparency projection system patent, US-3538656-A: Prefabricated sectional elements for chimneys and dropping-chutes patent, US-3547615-A: Method for producing potassium orthophosphate solutions patent, US-3569904-A: Electrical housing and lever actuating apparatus patent, US-3578359-A: Rigid reflective heat insulation patent, US-3585426-A: Vibration compensation for wobble plate step motors patent, US-3590331-A: Panel mounted switch enclosure patent, US-3601549-A: Switching circuit for cancelling the direct sound transmission from the loudspeaker to the microphone in a loudspeaking telephone set patent, US-3618550-A: Method and apparatus for controlling the supply in a can end processing system patent, US-3635519-A: Vehicle body roof structure patent, US-3640138-A: Machine tool patent, US-3693963-A: Vehicle suspension patent, US-3732943-A: Automobile vehicles driven by a rotary piston engine patent, US-3783694-A: Punch for piercing sample capsules patent, US-3791414-A: Flow inverter patent, US-3801751-A: Trolley rails with expansion joints between them patent, US-3829011-A: Pneumatic control system for a fuel burning apparatus or the like patent, US-3874876-A: Polyethylene terephthalate film for use as support of X-ray film patent, US-3923623-A: Method and apparatus for use in conjunction with electropainting a large number of small articles patent, US-3950087-A: Slide projector for receiving alternate slide trays of different configurations patent, US-3951422-A: Shock absorber for skates patent, US-4001955-A: Mudguard style shoe construction patent, US-4010739-A: Sphygmomanometer patent, US-4011062-A: Novel compositions containing acetylenic glycol safeners for spring wheat patent, US-4018128-A: Pedal operator for piano and the like patent, US-4022533-A: Laser alignment apparatus and method with an alignment mirror patent, US-4047208-A: Supporting device for supporting a roll film in a camera patent, US-4057913-A: Simulated training system that utilizes operational equipment patent, US-4067548-A: Railing patent, US-4080886-A: Automatic clutch lock out mechanism for package tying machine patent, US-4086356-A: Fungicidal-N-(3-halo-2,6-dinitro-4-trifluoromethylphenyl)-pyrrolidones patent, US-4090305-A: Precision rifle sight adjuster patent, US-4115752-A: Echo sounding device with cathode ray tube display patent, US-4140100-A: Infrared heater patent, US-4153022-A: Electronic closed loop air-fuel ratio control system patent, US-4153300-A: Recovery of fluid fuels by in-situ retorting of carbonaceous deposits patent, US-4165744-A: Dynamic keratometry and keratoscopy method and apparatus patent, US-4178539-A: Stepping AC line voltage regulator patent, US-4180681-A: Preparation and recovery of methacrylic acid from an aqueous sodium methacrylate solution patent, US-4193556-A: Hammer mill patent, US-4204237-A: Solid state transformer differential relay patent, US-4258581-A: Counterbalancing system for nutational traction drive transmissions patent, US-4270113-A: Thermal overload relay patent, US-4277775-A: Character recognition system patent, US-4299062-A: Device for the production of gear wheels patent, US-4319800-A: Barrier for molded female power cord connector bodies patent, US-4319853-A: Geodesic dome structure tie-beam connector patent, US-4333816-A: Method for the production of needle coke patent, US-4334978-A: Dewaxing and wax filterability by reducing scraper speed in scraped surface chilling units patent, US-4339621-A: Preparation of O-benzyl toluene patent, US-4350369-A: Vehicle occupant restraining devices patent, US-4371857-A: Electromagnetically operable ram actuator in particular for impact printers patent, US-4402443-A: Riser removal device patent, US-4407151-A: Rolling mill patent, US-4453002-A: Formaldehyde condensates and their preparation patent, US-4464755-A: Memory system with error detection and correction patent, US-4484440-A: Exhaust manifold of dual type formed with chamber to receive exhaust gas sensor patent, US-4496057-A: Rack structure for mounting a communication apparatus patent, US-4519320-A: Device for burning a coal-containing ash-rice sludge patent, US-4529095-A: Plastic container patent, US-4553916-A: Rotary force fluid pump patent, US-4569315-A: Power starter attachment for lawnmowers and other appliances having small internal combustion engines patent, US-4641341-A: Automatic multi-system AM stereo receiver using existing single-system AM stereo decoder IC patent, US-4666844-A: Process for regenerating cereals patent, US-4676666-A: Cover for parallel guide means, especially in machine tools patent, US-4700793-A: Precision balance patent, US-4754130-A: Method and means for detecting optically transmitted signals and establishing optical interference pattern between electrodes patent, US-4817291-A: Motor-driven chain saw having an improved handle patent, US-4827219-A: Remotely adjustable MRI RF coil impedance matching circuit with mutualy coupled resonators patent, US-4859564-A: Color diffusion transfer photographic element with reducing sugar patent, US-4889390-A: Tipping trays patent, US-4893056-A: Fluorescent display apparatus patent, US-4929968-A: Printing head assembly patent, US-4966197-A: One-way valve patent, US-4966649-A: Process for manufacturing a vibrating type transducer patent, US-4987046-A: Electrophotographic photoconductor and method for the preparation thereof patent, US-4992682-A: Clock drive circuit patent, US-5033314-A: Force and moment sensor patent, US-5036854-A: Lead insertion tool patent, US-5082451-A: Clock spring connector with cable driving mechanism patent, US-5116295-A: Water immersed stair climber with air bladder patent, US-5201426-A: Shopping cart corral patent, US-5205519-A: Boundary layer relaminarization device patent, US-5302321-A: Anticorrosive method of stream and condenser systems patent, US-5335682-A: Apparatus for di can surface treatment patent, US-5347164-A: Uninterruptible power supply having a 115V or 230V selectable AC output and power saving patent, US-5353149-A: Apparatus for affecting time-space conversion on a light signal changing at ultra-high speed patent, US-5362591-A: Mask having a phase shifter and method of manufacturing same patent, US-5453470-A: Polymerization in a tubular reactive using an abrading element to remove scale adhesion patent, US-5465023-A: Carbon-carbon grid for ion engines patent, US-5488341-A: Permanent magnet member and method of producing same patent, US-5533344-A: Method for rapidly solidifying water in a container patent, US-5537121-A: Carrier phase multipath reduction technique patent, US-5554189-A: Ureteral prosthesis patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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