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US-4692524-A: Process for the preparation of pyrimidine derivatives patent, US-4699245-A: Safety device for working at great heights patent, US-4792548-A: Trans-benzopyran-(4,3-b)-1,4-oxazine derivatives, intermediates and pharmaceutical use patent, US-4799786-A: Method of diamond identification patent, US-4812125-A: Interactive teaching apparatus patent, US-4838218-A: Ceramic valve supporting structure in use for internal combustion engine patent, US-4846127-A: Fuel supply control system for an automotive engine patent, US-4884676-A: Transferring and sorting apparatus patent, US-4919297-A: Fuel injection port patent, US-4935464-A: Organopolysiloxane microemulsion, process for its production and application thereof patent, US-4937927-A: Method of joining a sleeve into a cylinder opening of a reciprocating piston patent, US-4938609-A: Pull-out guide assembly for drawers patent, US-4966282-A: Electronic component carrier patent, US-4976276-A: Portable hair styler patent, US-4998276-A: Dial signal generator for generating dial pulse signal and dual tone multi-frequency signal patent, US-5008515-A: Body temperature responsive transport warming blanket patent, US-5010147-A: High-strength polycarbonate mixtures patent, US-5060236-A: Semiconductor light emission system patent, US-5121772-A: Wet barrel fire hydrant with improved flow capability patent, US-5130475-A: Derivative of 1,5-diphenyl-1h-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxamide, herbicidal compositions containing the derivative and process for producing the derivative patent, US-5133139-A: Ice resurfacing spreader patent, US-5183675-A: Process for producing salad oil patent, US-5207089-A: Method for measuring the control cross section area of a nozzle patent, US-5260812-A: Clock recovery circuit patent, US-5268916-A: Laser bias and modulation circuit patent, US-5308875-A: Therapeutic coolant for the local treatment of burn patent, US-5350193-A: Air bag inflation gas generator patent, US-5380209-A: Trailer light connector enclosure patent, US-5433016-A: Linear displacement measuring apparatus patent, US-5466069-A: Linear motion guide unit with end recessed retainer patent, US-5487663-A: Oral appliances and method patent, US-5493189-A: Soft switching scheme for driving three-phase brushless DC motor patent, US-5536057-A: Vehicle partition patent, US-5562308-A: Subframe structure in motor vehicle patent, US-5572787-A: Methods for producing dynamo-electric machine armatures with improved balance patent, US-5588808-A: Pump pressure multiplier patent, US-5589001-A: Apparatus for forming a film on a wafer patent, US-5595466-A: Double slot spanner locknut patent, US-5610608-A: Method of recording signal, method of reproducing signal, and method of recording/reproducing signal patent, US-5724090-A: Image forming method and apparatus thereof with control of dot position patent, US-5733374-A: Painting booth and robotic painting installation therefor patent, US-5769470-A: Containing door lock pin patent, US-5873243-A: Torque generator steering device patent, US-5930257-A: Network router that routes internetwork packets between distinct networks coupled to the same physical interface using the physical interface patent, US-5999017-A: CMOS implemented output buffer circuit for providing ECL level signals patent, US-6028839-A: Process for the joint use of a timer-multiplex transmission channel by plurality of transmitters patent, US-6106268-A: Internal deckle for film extrusion dies patent, US-6115727-A: Time-weighted trimmed-mean filtering apparatus and method patent, US-6199960-B1: Method of preventing a vehicle brake system from developing a vaccum in a low-pressure area thereof patent, US-6215497-B1: Method and apparatus for maximizing the random access bandwidth of a multi-bank DRAM in a computer graphics system patent, US-6237935-B1: Foam shut-off construction patent, US-6251409-B1: Use of particles in the composition of cosmetic products patent, US-6271707-B1: Level shifter patent, US-6296144-B1: Wet tissue package patent, US-6347928-B1: Connecting member for a pump patent, US-6397274-B1: Method and apparatus for analyzing buffer allocation to a device on a peripheral component interconnect bus patent, US-6397741-B1: Squeegee holder with electronic measuring apparatus patent, US-6471265-B1: Door security striker fastening plate and method patent, US-6483110-B1: Electron beam energy filter patent, US-6568377-B1: Oxygen-replenishing device for engines patent, US-6579211-B2: Treadmill with a supporting unit patent, US-6619110-B1: Module for measuring tire pressure patent, US-3428482-A: Moisture-proof terpolymer coated cellophane patent, US-3431476-A: System with a motor controlled synchronous inverter patent, US-3437925-A: Circuit for converting resistance values of unknown resistor to electrical potential signal for measurement purposes patent, US-3451432-A: Test plug means for fluid conduits patent, US-3461700-A: Hydroforming techniques using epoxy molds patent, US-3472595-A: Diffraction grating spectrophotometer patent, US-3481505-A: Support system for cryogenic containers (1) patent, US-3492448-A: Circuit breaker interlock patent, US-3534596-A: Contour surveying system patent, US-3536873-A: Flow switch patent, US-3541114-A: Recovery of hydrophobic oxirane compounds patent, US-3563506-A: Ingot mold hot top casing patent, US-3639086-A: Concrete pump patent, US-3647419-A: Nickel recovery patent, US-3648981-A: Fence patent, US-3675269-A: Tilted roller caster patent, US-3691599-A: Slide fastener patent, US-3766795-A: Winch power module with gear disconnect patent, US-3783310-A: Air-driven generator patent, US-3783651-A: Digital logic control for automatic washer patent, US-3810659-A: Suspension damping device patent, US-3817388-A: Hydrocyclone arrangement patent, US-3856100-A: Engine cooling and noise abatement system patent, US-3860113-A: Carrier having reinforced handle member patent, US-3880698-A: Continuously feeding apparatus for rolled webs patent, US-3913191-A: Fluid aid for needling patent, US-3916632-A: Telescopic caisson with intermediately positioned wellhead patent, US-3936043-A: Flap pull down case stripping apparatus patent, US-3941987-A: Method and apparatus for numerical control patent, US-3968525-A: Actuating means for water closet flush tank patent, US-3976174-A: Clutch disc with coaxial brake patent, US-3991269-A: Digital coding without additional bits to provide sign information patent, US-4012082-A: Control circuit for anti-skid hydraulic braking system patent, US-4062938-A: Aluminum hydroxybromide antiperspirant compositions patent, US-4064602-A: Warp-knit slide fastener stringer half and method of making same patent, US-4100679-A: Dental articulator patent, US-6335035-B1: Sustained release delivery system patent, US-4107277-A: Process for production of ammonia patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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